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How to keep your job secure during hard times

The moment there is an economic downturn companies and organizations all of a sudden realize they’ve got excess staff and there is a need to trim things down. People start losing their jobs right and left the moment the economy begins to quiver. Are you to feeling the dark light of job uncertainty around you? Then you need to be counted.

Businesses obviously don’t want to shut shop by losing valuable employees; they only layoff employees that are disposable. Make sure whatever job you’re doing you are giving your best and your constantly excelling in your service or skill. You should make yourself irreplaceable. In fact this attitude should manifest even when there is no economic downturn; you suddenly cannot improve your position when you are about to lose your job (in some cases yes, you can).

You should also constantly work on networking and interpersonal relationships with your superiors. When you have good relationships with your superiors and when you perform well it is very difficult for your superiors to lay you off. Find some tips on how to secure your job during hard times at this link.

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