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How to keep your promises

Do you keep breaking promises and wondering how to keep them even when you don’t consider yourself a deceptive person? Some people — compelled by their own behavior or by reasons beyond their control — just cannot keep promises, and after a while they develop a reputation. They can lose friendships and they can lose the trust of their loved ones.

An inability to keep promises is not always a character flaw. May be you making commitments all the time that you are not able to see through within reasonable means. May be you never learned to say “no” whether at work or at home. Nonetheless, if you want to keep promises, as always, first of all, you need to accept and realize that there is a problem. Something or the other happens and you are not able to keep your promise. To lessen the impact:

  • Acknowledge the fact yourself
  • Communicate it to the person you making a promise to.

But will people stop counting on you if you tell them you cannot keep your promises? Depends on how serious the matter is. If you promise to pick your kid up from school and if you have terrible history of not keeping your promises then of course you cannot be depended upon as this is the questions of the child’s safety.

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