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How to know if someone is lying

It is very easy to know if someone is lying provided you can pay attention to small things while conversing with the person who is trying to lie. Here are a few things you can look for in order to know if someone is lying:

  • Pay attention to the body language: the person who is lying is often tense and makes unnecessary body movements like fidgeting with fingers, moving sideways or to and fro, twitching of eyes, persistent scratching of the nose or the head or random shuffling. A person who is lying often has a defensive posture and even if that person is trying to pretend that he is not showing any physical signs of nervousness you can easily make out by the extra effort required to maintain the body stationery.
  • Look the person in the eyes: the eyes of the person who is lying is always darting here and there. He or she rarely looks at you unless he or she is a seasoned liar.
  • Look at the throat carefully: it has been observed that the person who is trying to lie is constantly swallowing in order to keep his or her throat well lubricated. The effort required for lying makes that person thirsty.
  • Ask a question suddenly: this is the best way to catch the person who is lying off guard because he or she hasn’t prepared for it.  Lying normally happens with preparation and the person needs to know in advance what he or she is going to say.  If he or she is lying and if he or she is not prepared for what you are asking, he or she will surely do or say something that will spill the beans.
  • Observe signs of extra sweating: just as the person who is lying feels thirsty, he or she also feels extra hot.
  • Check for exaggerations: the person is lying to you because he wants to convince you and for that he may put in extra effort without realizing.