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How to know if someone is lying by reading body language


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If you practice enough it’s actually very easy to know if someone is lying by closely observing the body language. It’s easier to know if a kid is lying because he may put his hand over his mouth while lying or twist the body parts in an awkward manners, but adults have much better control over their bodies and expressions and hence can lie without giving physical signs.

Yet, they unconsciously express body language that can tell you that they are lying. This technique is often used by investigators and psychiatrists, and even teachers and parents use them sometimes. Here are a few body language signs to look for if you think a person is lying:

  • Unnatural physical movements. If you know a person who is lying, this is very easy. The person will make unnatural body movements like twitching, fidgeting, sitting in an awkward position, moving arms and legs differently, avoiding direct eye contact and having a different tone of speaking. You need to be more observant.
  • Touching or scratching nose. Many people touch or scratch their nose when they are lying. This is an instinctive act of hiding one’s facial expression. Since they can’t literally hid the face, the hand goes up, and they end up scratching their nose.
  • Facial and physical muscles grow tighter. Lying takes lots of effort because the person really needs to concentrate; you quickly need to make up facts or recall things you have made up a while ago. The person in fact grows so tight that he/she seems to take up less physical space than normal.
  • Crossed arms and legs. These are defensive postures. A person who is lying often crosses his legs or arms to prepare for the defense.
  • Leaning forward when talking. It means two things actually: the person is intimate and confident, or he/she is lying. When lying, you need to focus all your energies and control your reflexes that may give you away. That’s why the body contracts and you lean forward.
  • Scratching neck. This is common body language sign when a person is lying and you must have also seen goons in movies rubbing their necks while lying.
  • Excessive sweating. Since lying is a high-tension activity and since a person often lies when much is at stake (according to that particular circumstance) he/she may sweat excessively while lying.
  • Excessive swallowing. The effort of lying also causes you to feel dehydrated so your throat dries up. Consequently, you swallow your saliva again and again to keep your throat from drying.

These are some basic body language signs that you can read in order to know if a person is lying to you. Know some more signs? Please share them in the comments section.