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How to launch and manage your own news journalism website

Does the firefly of independent journalism keep flickering inside your head? Do you find it too constraining to work in the news industry working under excruciating editorial guidelines? Do you want to take your profession to the next level? And above all, are you ready for the hard work and adventure involved in launching and running your own news journalism website?

It’s totally understandable if you are worried about the technicalities and the business side of running your own journalism news website. But it’s not as formidable as it seems. You can simply register a domain name, sign up for a decent hosting plan, install WordPress and start publishing your own content. Sign up for a hosting plan that installs WordPress automatically — there are many these days.

Once you have successfully installed WordPress you can easily use it simply as a CMS or a blog. Just start publishing quality content. But don’t expect to start making a living out of it; it takes around 12-24 months to generate an income that can support you and your family. Read more on how to launch a journalism website.