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How to learn more about your business as a freelancer

As a freelancer you are always competing with other freelancers who are always trying to get your work using every trick they can possibly come up with.  But not every freelancer uses "tricks", some actually perform better than you and still manage to charge quite less. The key is, continuously improving yourself and continuously learning how to perform better and use your time optimally.

When you’re working as a freelancer you are manipulating multiple aspects of your business single-handedly so it is a multifaceted job profile.  For instance, if you are a content writer you are not just writing content for your clients you are also managing your entire business — you take care that your website functions properly, you constantly try to improve your search engine rankings, you are perpetually trying to keep in touch with your past, present and prospective clients, you are always trying to build your brand and these days strengthening your social network.  You also have to take care of your blog.  Aside from that you have to be very careful about how you communicate with your clients and take care they remain your clients for as long as possible.

It is like juggling many balls at the same time. You definitely need to keep yourself updated and well-informed and for that you constantly need to read, learn, improve and interact. This Freelance Switch blog post reviews 40 places where you can known more about your business as a freelancer.