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How to learn the basics of web designing

Your web designing skills can help you a lot if you conduct your business on the Internet. A little bit of web designing skill can come handy even if you manage a blog. This way you don’t always have to depend on your web designer for small changes. Not much knowledge is acquired if you want to make some small tweaks in your existing design. Even a little bit of programming shouldn’t be intimidating. For instance in php it is enough to know what command gives an output on the webpage. This way if you want to change that output you can go to that particular command and change the text string within that command. The main thing is knowing how to learn the basics of web designing. Fortunately Web designing is the subject that has been vastly covered on the Internet due to obvious reason: the Internet functions on websites and websites need web designing. If you simply search for "web designing" on Google you will find millions of pages telling you how to design websites. This link at Mashable showcases a few videos that teach you the basics of web designing.