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How to lie effectively or convincingly

Lying is a sin, but it’s also an art and if you want to learn how to lie effectively or convincingly you must practice this art. No, we don’t mean to say that lying is a good thing, but sometimes it can come handy if you can lie convincingly.

In order to be an effective and convincing lier, the first rule is, lie as little as possible. Frequent liars are not good liars because a lie is after all, a lie and sometimes just to create a single convincing lie you have to create scores of ancillary lies and the more lies you create, the greater is the chance of you getting caught because after all how do you keep track of all those fabrications? So lie when it is extremely necessary. Besides, if you are known as a habitual liar, then even your truths are considered as lies and this can be a bad situation. Have a solid reason when you are lying.

Then you have to get inside the head of the person you are lying to. Know that person, know his or her beliefs and know what moves him or her or doesn’t. To know further about how to become an effective or convincing liar, read this article.