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How to look beautiful with a disability

Being beautiful isn’t just for those who don’t have any physical disability. Anybody can look beautiful, lovable and wanted. This is not just a pep talk, it is a reality that very few people realize. Many people snigger at the thought that “it’s the inner beauty that matters” failing to realize why such thoughts are immortal.

Whether you have had a disability for ages or you have just acquired it recently due to an accident or an illness, it is not the end of the road. Of course circumstances have changed and you have to look at life with a new perspective and no matter what everybody says, you might be feeling in the dumps and that’s all right. You might even be feeling ugly, even that is all right.

The problem comes when you give up totally on being beautiful simply because you have a disability and somehow you cannot relate to it. The problem might not just be with you. Even the outlook of the society is quite negative in this regard. Fortunately, things are changing. These days you have wheelchair beauty pageants. Some of you may have also seen the TV serial “Push Girls” that is about these 4 very attractive girls on wheelchairs. More and more people are using disability and sexuality in the same sentence without feeling awkward or ill at ease. There are multiple disability dating websites.

Whether you want to look beautiful or not is all in your mind. Primarily your thoughts and your attitude decide how you look. Take for instance, this photograph of Stephen Hawkin’s

A smiling Stephen Hawking

A smiling Stephen Hawking

Despite having severe disability (he has motor neuron disease) this is often termed as, non-condescendingly, one of the most beautiful smiles in the world simply because of his inner beauty and his outlook towards life, towards the world, and towards the universe. Do you know that he can only use the tip of a single finger? You may also like to read 10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know about Stephen Hawking

In order to look and feel beautiful first of all you must change the conventional definition of beauty that is constantly being beamed by advertising agencies. You don’t need to look like a quintessential model in order to look beautiful.

No matter how you look, no matter how your face and your body look, you can be beautiful. Here are a few things you need to do:

Get rid of negative thoughts about yourself

Less confident people have this strange look of hopelessness that prevents them from looking the way they actually are. Have belief in yourself. Even if in the beginning it has to be a conscious effort, don’t feel discouraged. Be at peace. We all have our place in the universe. People are miserable because they cannot figure out what the place is. Start looking for it and it will show on your face.

Get rid of negative thoughts about others

Are you constantly feeling resentful? Are you constantly judging people how they treat you? You always hold other people responsible for your condition? Negative thoughts create a negative aura around you. Even if it is not directly visible, it has an effect on how you look and how you present yourself to others.

Take care of your personal hygiene and grooming

Being a person with disability doesn’t mean that people don’t want you to look clean, well groomed and presentable. Grooming is a big part of looking beautiful and this holds true for everybody. Try to look on the Internet for the photograph of celebrities who haven’t applied makeup.

Mila Kunis without makeup

Mila Kunis without makeup

I’m not saying that you have to apply makeup everyday. But comb you hair, wash yourself regularly if you can manage, keep your face clean, brush your teeth and trim your nails. Choose your clothes carefully if it is up to you and even if it is not up to you, let it be known that you would like to wear clothes of your choice.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Have you started neglecting your waistline simply because you don’t see yourself getting off your wheelchair? Whether you are walking, lying on your bed or sitting in your wheelchair, that flab around your waist is visible to everybody. Again, sometimes you can help it, sometimes you cannot. But if you can, try to lose weight if you are overweight. Do some physical exercises. Eat healthy food. When you’re feeling healthy your skin has a natural glow and your body looks relaxed and flexible.

Don’t be overly conscious of your looks

Needlessly worrying about your looks only makes it worse. Whatever is your physical disposition, however your face looks, you cannot change them. So why make it worse? Just relax. By simply relaxing, you can improve your looks by 20-30%. Even when people react in a stupid manner, it is their problem, not your. You have a disability and it is a part of you. It is not an appendage that you can get rid of. You cannot suddenly get rid of your disability in a room full of people. Even if somebody comes in front of you, ridicules you, laughs at you, makes fun of you or imitates you, you cannot change yourself; you have to face that situation. So why needlessly worry about it and spoil your mood, and consequently, your looks? That person will eventually get bored and move on. Of course if you want to bang your wheelchair into him or her or if you want to hit him or her with your crutch, go ahead and do it. Just don’t feel miserable about yourself.

Life is what you make of it, and so is your beauty. You don’t need to have a sixpack. You don’t need an hourglass figure. Whatever disability you have, in order to look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful.