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How to look good while chatting on a WebCam

Chatting on a WebCam can be a great experience. Whether you’re using Skype, Google Hangout or even iChat, you want to look good, not just for the sake of making a good impression, but also to show respect to the person on the other side. Now, I don’t mean to say that you necessarily have to look like Megan Fox or George Clooney on your WebCam in order to seem respectful; what I mean is, it does you no harm to create a nice environment and this includes making your face appear as clear and clean to the other party as possible. Here are a few things you can do.

Sit in a well-lit area

If you’re sitting in a dark area your image to the other person will appear to be ghostly and grainy. So sit in a well-lit area before initiating a WebCam meeting. Switch on as many lights in your room as possible. If it’s day, you can open your windows because natural light is best. The more light you have the better you will look in the camera.

You should be facing the source of light

Cameras tend to focus more on brighter objects compared to those objects that aren’t getting much light. So if the light is coming from behind the WebCam it will absorb all that light, ending up neglecting your face. So make sure that the light on your face is coming from behind the camera so your face is well-lit when it is being broadcast.

It helps to tidy yourself up

Looking good on WebCam

A dishevelled look, well, looks dishevelled in a WebCam. No matter how brilliant the lighting is and where you are sitting, if you haven’t washed your face, tidy up your hair and clean off those patches of oil and pollution on your forehead, nose and chin, you cannot expect to look great. Wash your face, comb, and as much as possible, try to look your best.

Do not have a cluttered background

The more objects in front of the camera vie for its attention, the less it is going to focus on your face. It doesn’t mean that you should have a plain background, but make something decent. You can have a curtain. You can also have a bookshelf that is neatly arranged. There can be a window if it is not hogging up all the light. The basic point is, your background can be very important.

Use good quality hardware for your WebCam

The quality of your WebCams matters a lot. Have a good-quality WebCam and if possible don’t rely on the inbuilt WebCams. Get an external one, preferably the one that comes with its own light arrangement (they are not very expensive). Your network connection can also make a difference so if possible, use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet rather than your Wi-Fi.

Position your WebCam at the level of your eyes if possible

If your WebCam is placed on the side, resting on the table or dangling somewhere high above the monitor, you will appear to be looking at somewhere else while talking and this may not look good. Although it is not possible to place the WebCam in the middle of the monitor (so that you can appear to be directly looking at the person), still, if you can manage to raise the height of the camera to the level of your eyes it can improve the situation considerably.

Got some more suggestions on how you can improve your appearance while talking on your WebCam? You can leave them in the comments section.