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How to look like a big business while being a small business

To be frank there is no big deal about looking like a big business. In fact, many of your customers and clients may be turned off the moment they know that you are a big business and aren’t the small guy they had thought you were before approaching you. People are normally disenchanted with “big businesses”. Nonetheless, sometimes it matters. Big businesses are considered to be reliable. They supposedly have the resources to get the job done. They are supposed to have worked with 100s of clients and hence, they have the needed experience. They may also have the manpower and the infrastructure required to execute complex projects. This is why sometimes you need to look like a big business even when you are a small business.

Small-business appearing as big business

You are not cheating your prospective customers and clients, you are just helping them cross that psychological hurdle that makes them think that only big businesses can deliver. You don’t have to lie. You just don’t tell them that you are a small business unless they specifically ask. Here are a few things you can do to make your small business look big:

Have a professional website

Small businesses tend to have very mediocre websites and this is the first tell-tale sign that they are a small business not just by size, but also by attitude. Big business websites normally have that look and feel that, despite looking clichéd and simple, instills confidence and experience. They don’t use big graphics and eye-catching font types in order to make an impression, unless these attributes are a part of the overall design. Spend some money and get a professional to design your website. The same goes for your content. There is a reason professional content writers exist.

Create a social media presence that actually acts and reacts

Most big businesses these days have a social media presence but most of them use it just for drab updates. As a small business you have this advantage of being able to directly interact with your prospective customers and clients on 1-1 basis. It might not be possible to personally interact with everybody, but even if you can reply to 50% direct queries, it can give you a formidable social media presence and people will think that you are a big business and you have implied a dedicated social media marketing team.

Respond fast to queries

When people write to you (email, a comment on your Facebook page, a direct tweet) they expect a response within a few hours. Communication happens fast on the Internet and you should be no exception. Your prospective customers and clients shouldn’t have to wait for more than 24 hours in case they urgently need their questions answered. Upon receiving your answers faster they think that you are a bigger business and you have dedicated resources for answering to people’s queries

Outsource as much as possible

This way you can work with a bigger team without employing professionals full-time. Need to design a website? Despite the fact that you can play around with HTML and you have that pirated version of Photoshop you shouldn’t waste your time if this is not your core business. If you outsource this work it will not only improve the quality of your service, your clients will also get better value for money, this in return, improves your reputation. You should identify the areas where you would like to concentrate and outsource the rest of the services.

Provide local numbers to your customers and clients

Do you know that you can provide local numbers to your overseas customers and clients so that they don’t have to worry about dialing international numbers with the help of services like Skype? There is another feature in Skype that lets your callers leave voice messages that you can check later on – this enables your prospective customers and clients to call you and make business enquiries 24×7.