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How to make money from blogging

Are you publishing a decently “successful” blog and wondering how to make some decent money with blogging? There’s a mix bag of opinions when it comes to making money with blogging: some say it’s very difficult, some say it’s not difficult provided you are persistent, some say it’s easy, and some outrightly reject the idea of blog monetization.

Actually it differs from person to person, or rather, blog to blog. HowToPlaza, for instance, has started making some money and now we’re gradually moving towards having multiple authors. Before you can decide upon monetizing your blog, you need to consider

  • What sort of audience comes to your blog
  • How many people visit your blog daily, weekly or monthly
  • Your niche

Some blog visitors are interested on clicking ads on your blog and some are not. So you need to experiment for a while and check whether they pay attention to non-blog information or not.

Traffic, of course, matters. The more targeted traffic you get, the greater is the chance of making some good money from your blog.

Your niche decides what sort of revenue model you can use on your blog. Not all blogs are good for selling ads or affiliate programs.

Anyway, once you have figured out what sort of blog you are publishing and what traffic stats you’ve got with yourself, this is how you can

Make money from blogging

  • Use AdSense ad blocks. This is the easiest, and perhaps the most prevalent way of making money from blogging. All you need is an AdSense account and some targeted content on your blog. Through your AdSense account you generate the code that then you have to paste into your blog template. The ad blocks appear according to the type of content your current page holds and you get paid whenever somebody clicks on one of the ads. Recently Google revealed that the company shares 68% ad revenue with its publishers for AdSense blocks and 51% for AdSense for search. We recommend this if you’re just working on building your content and audience.
  • Banner advertising. Most A-list blogs use banner advertisements instead of AdSense ads as they are better looking as well as more paying (as they claim). Banner advertistments work on PPC (pay-per-click) or per-1000-impressions models, whatever works for you and your advertisers. You can either approach companies selling and buying banner ad space inventory or directly invite business and organizations to advertise on your website. Blogs like TechChrunch charge a weekly or monthly amount for publishing banners.
  • Affiliate programs. This again, depends on your niche and the level of traffic you have. You can join different affiliate programs catering to your blog audience and publish links or banners with your unique affiliate links. Sharesale.com is a good source for lots of affiliate programs.
  • Promote your own business or product. You can generate lots of targeted traffic to your primary business or product website through your blog. This doesn’t equal making direct money from blogging but marketing experts like Seth Godin use their blogs to build and sustain their brands and get lucrative speaking and book writing deals.

The basic idea is to figure out what’s the best way of making money from your blog. But before that, don’t waste your time exploring different revenue options unless you have built a nice repository of highly targeted content.