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How to make people pay attention to you on social media


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Social media and social networking is all about getting people to pay enough attention to you. But that’s easier said than done. With millions of users throwing in millions of messages everyday, getting attention on social media is not easy, unless of course you are a celebrity and already enjoy fame.

Having said that, you can make people pay attention to you on social media with persistence and strategy. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Don’t get swayed by the numbers. Do you often wonder how some people and organizations lap up 100s of 1000s of fans and followers over Facebook and Twitter? No need to fret over the numbers. If you have 500 fans and followers and 300 of them pay attention to you, it’s much better than having 5000 fans and followers and hardly anybody caring to read your messages or interact with you. It doesn’t matter how many people follow you, what matter is, how many pay attention to you on social media.
  • Accept that it takes time. As every good thing is life, your social media presence takes time and effort to blossom into something that gets you attention. Don’t go for shortcuts in order to get more fans and followers. Slow and steady actually wins the race here on social media.
  • Sustain quality. People on social media are constantly looking for good stuff: something that entertains them, informs them, updates them, and maybe solves their problems. Provide them quality information; don’t promote just anything you can come up with just to be visible. Be known as the ones who’s a good source, not a nonsense.
  • Be persistent. Since so many people are engaged in social media, it’s not easy to remember everybody. To a particular set of people, be visible consistently. Maintain a schedule and stick to that. If you plan to post 5 links everyday, try to stick to that number. And no, you don’t have to post 50 links everyday.
  • Follow conversations. If you want people to pay attention to you, then you should also pay attention to them, it is as simple as that. Take genuine interest in what they’re talking about and offer your 2 cents wherever they are appropriate. It’s conversations that eventually make you familiar with your fans and followers.
  • Engage people. Don’t ask them questions that only benefit you (they hardly reply unless you are very well-known), ask questions that intrigue them, fascinate them, and make them pay attention to you.
  • Help whenever you can. This is the best way of getting attention. People often ask questions on various social media websites. Use the search tools to find out what sort of questions are being asked. But remember to answer only if you really know the answer and your answer can help that person. If your answer works for that person, who or she will remember you for a long time and pay close attention to your updates.
  • Publish quality content on your blog or website. This is also an excellent way of making people pay attention to you. Share your knowledge and wisdom on your blog regularly and become an authority figure. Be known in your field. This way people go to extra lengths to follow what you have to say.

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