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How to make your Facebook account more secure by two-factor authentication

Facebook two-factor authentication

Facebook two-factor authentication

Two factor authentication basically means you need to authenticate yourself at two levels. For instance, up till now in order to access your Facebook account, you simply entered your e-mails/username and password. This process doesn’t make your account very secure as, whoever has gotten hold of this information can access your account.

Wondering how someone can access your Facebook username and password?

It is happening all the time if you have been following the news. The more online accounts you have, the greater is the possibility of those accounts being hacked, especially considering the fact that most of us are not online security experts. Most people don’t even know how to define a good password. You may like to read How to create a strong password and remember it.

What if your email account is hacked? You know that your Facebook password can be easily reset if you can access the email associated with your social networking account.

The basic idea is, just having user name and password as an authentication mean doesn’t exactly make your Facebook account, or for that matter any online account safe and secure. You need to activate two-factor authentication. It means you don’t just need the combination of username and password, there has to be another mean to authenticate yourself, for instance a pin or a verification sent to your registered mobile number. For this, Facebook provides “Login Approvals”.

Whenever you try to log into your Facebook account from a device (a different computer or laptop, or a mobile phone) that is not already registered within your account, a login code is sent via text message (a mobile phone number must already be attached to your Facebook account for that to happen) with the verification code. When you’re trying to log in, aside from entering your username or password, you will also need to enter your verification code.

Activating two-factor authentication in Facebook

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click the Settings icon (that gear icon at the right-top corner)
  • Click Security
  • Go to “Login Approvals”
  • Check the checkbox labeled “Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers”

If you haven’t registered a mobile number with your Facebook account, Facebook walks you through it. Once this is done, from now onwards, whenever you try to log into your Facebook account from a device Facebook doesn’t recognize, you will be sent a verification code that you will be prompted to enter before you can access your account.