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How to make your gardening environment friendly

Gardening is a rewarding experience because it brings you closer to mother nature.  You get to nurture individual plants and take care of them.  Growing plants and trees not only improves your health both at the physical as well as mental levels, it also gives you a healthier environment around your home.  But unscientific ways of maintaining your garden can harm the environment rather than benefiting it.

For instance indiscriminately watering your plants wastes lots of water.  Use a sprinkler so that the water is evenly distributed and goes where it needs to go. Also, water your plants very early in the morning so that it gets full-time to nourish your plants before evaporating in the sun.  You can also prepare your own compost by digging a hole and putting all fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells and fallen leaves; they will decompose and give you the healthiest compost you can find anywhere.

Grow plants that can easily grow in your local ecology.  Exotic plants simply drain the ground resources and they require lots of maintenance.  Read more tips on how to make your garden greener at this LiveScience link.