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How to make your house burglar-proof (infographic)

Worried about your house being invaded, or burgled in your absence? It might be more dangerous if the invasion or the burglary happens in your presence because then you can be injured.

Statistics can always help you. For instance, in America, most of the burglaries take place in the afternoon when people are at work. Houses that are covered behind lots of trees and walls are more prone to being burgled. Naturally houses and properties without any kind of security system such as alarms and surveillance cameras are more vulnerable to such invasions.

So how do you make your house burglar-proof? You can install a security system. Cameras and alarm bells that are prominently displayed can act as big deterrents. Have stronger doors and windows that cannot be easily broken into. If you have enough space, have multiple dogs because they start barking the moment an intruder steps into their territory.

What if the intruder comes in and you are inside? Lock yourself in a room. Try to make as much noise as possible – if possible set your music system to full volume with blaring music. Burglars are quite jittery. As a graphic tells you, 85% of burglars are nonprofessionals. Take them by surprise while not endangering yourself. Do not invite confrontation. For instance if the burglar is already inside your room, pretend that you are sleeping. You can find lots of interesting information in the infographic presented below.

Make your house burglar-proof

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