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How to make your kids do their daily chores

Making kids do their chores

Making your kids do their daily chores can be one of the biggest challenges of your daily life. Kids these days simply don’t want to listen to their parents due to many reasons such as zillions of distractions, a depleting attention span and a rapidly changing lifestyle. It’s not just the kids that should be blamed, even as parents the grown-ups these days don’t have enough time and patience to provide proper guidance to their kids. Listed below are a few ways you can inculcate a habit of performing daily chores among your kids.

  • Strike a rapport with your kids: Kids these days don’t take their parents seriously simply because the parents don’t interact much with their kids these days. We live highly busy lives and this leaves little time for meaningful, relaxed interactions. Right now most of the parents are not a significant part of their kids’ lives. They are simply providers. They provide food, shelter, entertainment, education and general upkeep but otherwise their existence is always in the background. Be an active part of your kids’ life.
  • Remove the scope of ifs and buts: There should be no ambiguity when it comes to doing their daily chores. Some ground rules need to be laid as soon as possible.
  • Make your kids responsible partners: We are all responsible for the well-being of the house when we are living together and make it clear to your kids. They too have a stake in the family and their chores are as important as yours. Don’t make them feel that these chores are being imposed upon them just because you are bigger and they are smaller and hence they can be bullied into doing things they don’t want to do. Logically explain to them why it is important that they should do their daily chores.
  • Make doing chores fun: Kids are always looking out for fun. They can easily turn any activity into a game or a source of entertainment and you should utilize this tendency by redefining the chores into fun games. Take for instance putting the dirty laundry into the basket instead of throwing it on the floor of the room; if your kids are really small, and if you have multiple kids, you can turn it into a competition, something like which kid can put more clothes into the laundry basket. You can also play their favorite music while they are tidying up their room for helping you cleaned up the dinner table. Concoct a funny dance routine while sorting out the laundry.
  • Make doing chores a matter of rewards and punishments: Of course not hard punishments, but something that would be annoying. Suppose they like a TV show. Make it mandatory that they can only watch it if they will pick up their dishes after the dinner and make it a point not to let them watch the show if they don’t pick up their dishes. They will raise lots of hue and cry but eventually it will become a part of their system.
  • Make your kids an important part of decision-making: Most of the times kids are just on the periphery and most of the decisions like what everybody is going to have for dinner, where everybody should go for the next holiday, what family program must everybody watch or who should walk the dog are taken randomly. Invite your kids to sit with you and then you can assign particular activities to different persons in your family. This way, they will get the message that the chores that they have to perform are very important.
  • Follow a persistent pattern: Doing daily chores should be a regular part of lifestyle rather than an intermittent affair. Don’t use doing chores as a punishment or as a way of getting back to your kids for being mischievous. Just as you have to cook dinner every day, wash the laundry regularly or go to your job, they have to do their chores every day just as a part of everyday living.
  • Start early: The earlier you start making your kids do their chores the easier it will be on you and on them. Younger kids anyway like doing things their elders do and they want to act grown-up. So if you let them feel important by doing their daily chores they will be happy to do them.

These are a few things you can do to make your kids do their daily chores. Feel welcome to add your own points in the comments section.