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How to make your social media and other online accounts more secure

As we put more and more information such as our regular updates, details about our studies and qualifications and job profiles, and images and videos of our family members and friends on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other online accounts, it is becoming increasingly important to keep our accounts as secure as possible.

According to a startling fact mentioned in this Mashable blog post, the Google and Amazon accounts of the Wired senior tech reporter Mat Honan were hacked and consequently he lost one year’s worth of pictures of his newborn daughter. Well, that is why it is extremely important that you take both off-line and online backups of your important data such as the book or novel you’re working on, the blog posts that you have published over so many years, and of course, photographs and videos of your loved ones.

Although most of the mainstream social media websites and other online services like Google and Dropbox have many inbuilt security features, what can one do if the servers themselves are hacked? If the hackers can directly access your data, no layer of user security is going to help you. Nonetheless, big attacks like reaching the servers themselves are normally rare and it is the small-time actors that normally try to get access to your sensitive information in order to cause mischief. Most of such activities can be deterred by using multiple levels of authentication.

Go to the blog post and check out what steps you can take to make your social media and other online accounts more secure.

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