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How to optimize your Flash website for Google

Flash websites are finally being indexed and ranked by the Google search engine.  This used to be the biggest drawback of having a Flash website; you could not optimize it would search engines and the search engines could and make sense of what data you were trying to display through Flash. But according to this blog post on the Google blog, Google has started crawling Flash-based websites. So what can you do to optimize your Flash website for Google?

This link says that there is nothing special to be done in order to enable Google to crawl your Flash website.  But if you go through the link carefully it is following all the conventions of analyzing the keywords and the text that you use on your website.  You will need to include your keywords and key expressions on the Flash buttons, Flash banners and all those Flash components that you use to convey textual messages to your visitors.

You can also optimize your Flash website for Google by using less images and more text while creating your Flash presentations.  This way the Google crawler will have more text to crawl and analyze. Also make sure that you use hyperlinks judicially because now the hyperlinks present in your Flash components can be crawled too.

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