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How to predict weather by observing animal behavior

Predict weather with animal behavior

You can really predict weather and other natural events by carefully observing animals. Animals, birds and insects have senses that we humans lack and they can catch even the minutest sound waves and energy disturbances. For instance, do you know that ants come out of their holes and stick to walls just before an earthquake? During the Asian tsunami goats and other mammals had started running towards higher places much before the giant wave hit the shores.

Here are a few weather conditions you can predict by carefully observing animal behavior:

It’s going to rain when

  • Sparrows start bathing in dry mud.
  • Ants start creating steep walls around their hills.
  • Cats start cleaning the backs of their ears.
  • Birds in general get quieter.
  • Turtles seek a high ground.
  • Bats begin to fly really low.
  • Dolphins begin to swim closer to land.
  • Roosters crow before going to sleep.
  • Spiders begin to leave their webs.

A storm is approaching when

  • Cows lie down on the ground or herd close together.
  • Birds begin to fly lower than usual.
  • Seagulls stop flying and seek refuge wherever they can get.
  • Bigger animals start running towards higher grounds in case they’re near the sea.
  • Bees and butterflies disappear suddenly.
  • Dolphins come to sheltered bays.

An earthquake is imminent when

  • Ants start coming out of their holes in winter season.
  • Pets like dogs and cats get agitated and start moving around randomly.
  • Cows and horses start making noises and running towards open spaces.

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