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How to prepare cheap but nutritious food in a small place

Scarcity and limited space does not mean compromising on the quality of the food you eat. Remember that your good health is the greatest asset you have got; even when you have got nothing a healthy body will always help you survive. If you have less money and a very small place to live you can still prepare yourself, and of course, also for your loved ones, healthy meals that don’t cost you much. Such healthy meal solutions are particularly handy during difficult economic times. Healthy and nutritious food doesn’t mean that you have to buy expensive food. Seasonal fruits and vegetables for instance are quite healthy, and they are also cheaper compared to other eating commodities. You can also mix-and-match fast foods and healthy ingredients to prepare wholesome meals if you can spend some money but cooking space is constrained. For instance if you want to prepare a bowl of noodles but want to make it a healthy meal you can add vegetables, eggs or chicken to it. Read some more excellent solutions on how to prepare cheap but nutritious food in small places at this link.