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How to prepare for a car accident in advance

An accident is a nasty thing so most of us do not want to think about it. There was a time when people didn’t want to buy insurance for the same reason – why talk about or think about bad things like death when they haven’t occurred yet? But these days getting an insurance is as normal as buying a pizza; almost everybody has one. People have a prenuptial agreement even at the time of getting married while they promise a lifetime commitment to each other. So why not have the same approach for a car accident? You encounter cars more than you encounter flies on the road when you are driving so there is less chance of hitting a fly and more chance of hitting a car or being hit by another automobile (I know, it is an exaggeration).

Many things can happen after a car accident. Maybe you are injured. Maybe it is a hit-and-run case and the errant driver has fled the scene before you can take down his or her phone number. Maybe it is a lonely road and there is no help around. There can be thousand variations of situations and problems that you can face after an accident.

This article on Lifehacker throws some light on how to be prepared for a car accident BEFORE it actually happens. Obviously there is no use of preparing for an accident after it has happened.

Preparing for car accident

Immediately after the accident you might be in shock and you may not be able to think logically. This is why you should keep a cheat sheet secured in thr glove box so that you can take it out and quickly go through it in case of emergency. Everybody these days carries a phone. During a car accident you can damage your phone. If possible keep an extra phone in the glove compartment of your car. Store some emergency numbers and assign hotkeys to them so that even if it is difficult to dial a number with an injured hand you can do it with minimum discomfort. It may also help if you can speak the phone number into the phone instead of having to tap it or type it.

The article suggests you take quick snaps of the nameplate of the car that has hit you with your mobile phone but of course you can only do that if you are not injured badly. Taking a snap of the nameplate will make it easier for the law enforcement agencies as well as your insurance company to find out to whom the vehicle belongs and then do the needful accordingly.

Also keep the GPS of your mobile phone on so that you can be tracked in case you are too injured to make a call.

You can read further in the article linked above.

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