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How to quit smoking

Do you want to know how to quit smoking?  Simply quit it, it is as simple as that, but unfortunately it is not.  Do you know that smokers die more of heart attacks than non-smokers; in fact the number is double?  The similar kind of arithmetic can be done on the number of cancer patients who smoke regularly.  It’s really strange how people still smoke with so much negative media coverage and so much awareness being spread by governments, non-profit organizations, and even by schoolchildren and citizens.  It is simply dumb to smoke when you know the kind of harm you are causing to yourself and the people around you.  Instead of looking cool you look like a loser when you smoke.

But sometimes it takes more than a change of habit in order to quit smoking.  Sometimes you need medicine to quit smoking.  These days you get nicotine enriched gums and inhalers that can curb the craving for smoking and tobacco.  This Newsweek article throws some more light on the subject of how to quit smoking.

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