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How to read more books despite having a busy schedule

Books aren’t just for entertainment. This article on Fast Company rightly says that human beings have been capturing their wisdom and knowledge in various forms of writings and expressions for 5000 years now and most of the things that bother you right now have already been provided a solution for by much smarter guys and girls, even as late as a couple of thousand years ago.

Reading more books

Reading books isn’t always, as already mentioned above, about entertainment. You learn a lot when you read books. You gain wisdom, you grow smarter and you know lots of things other people don’t know. You get in-depth knowledge of the subjects you are interested in. Even your writing improves when you’re constantly reading. People who read books regularly are much smarter than you.

You know all that, don’t you?

Still, somehow you don’t get any time to read books. You are constantly busy. Every other thing in the world takes precedence over reading a book. You would like to read. If you could help, you would read 3-4 books every month. Than what stops you? Is a time?

Time could be a big factor, but you need a bit of organization if you want to read many books despite having a busy schedule. Here are a few things you can do:

Switch to digital books

You like the feel of the paper books, right? That old world charm. That smell that takes you back to your childhood. That feeling of the hardcover in your hand. Well, if everything was so charming, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post. No matter how esoteric conventional books are, the point is you are not reading them. The material doesn’t matter, what matters is the mind.

Aside from the fact that digital books are more environment friendly compared to paper books (as of contemporary knowledge, we might be in for a surprise if new findings come out), it’s a lot easier to carry digital books. You can carry “thousands of books” in whatever device you own. People are found reading books on their iPhones, iPads and various versions of Android tablets and smart phones. It is just a matter of getting used to it. If the glare of your tablet or phone causes you strain, you can purchase the Kindle reader or the Nook reader, although many think why spend so much money on a book reader when you can buy so many more books with the same amount of money? Well, it depends on how much disposable money you have but in case you decide to buy one of the e-book readers supporting the i-ink technology (that doesn’t reflect light and almost simulates the normal paper print) you should buy it as soon as you can.

Whether you read your digital books or ebook on a device like Kindle or your smartphone or tablet, the moot point is the convenience. If not thousands, you can easily carry scores of books. No matter how many books you carry, the weight is always going to be equivalent to the device you have. The moment you feel like reading, you can just take out the device, and start reading, whether you are travelling or sitting idly somewhere.

Always carry a book with you

When you carry a book with you, eventually you start reading it. Besides, you never know when you may have to wait somewhere and with nothing to do, you can start reading the book you have with you. You can read your book when you’re standing in a queue. You can read it when you’re waiting for your bus (just make sure that you don’t get so engrossed that you miss the bus). Again, if you find carrying a conventional book bulky, you can use your tablet or smartphone.

Take your book reading seriously

Think of it as an investment. Mental and intellectual growth is as important as financial growth and physical health. Once you start reading regularly, your entire attitude changes drastically. You are more open-minded, or at least you can think of something from different point of views. Regular reading helps you emotionally as well as professionally. If you are a writer for a person whose livelihood depends on how much he or she knows of a particular subject, then regular reading is all the more important. So take reading books seriously so that you can specially take out time and read your books.

Join reading groups

Reading groups are not very practical for serious readers, but if you just want to get into the habit of reading regularly, you should definitely join a reading group. The only problem is almost all the members of the group have to read a particular book and this may pose a problem if everybody is reading fiction and you want to read non-fiction or the other way around. So spend some time finding an appropriate group to develop your reading habit and only then join.

Stop wasting time on unproductive activities and devote that time to reading instead

Are you spending lots of time on Facebook and Twitter meaninglessly going through updates of your friends and colleagues? You are gaining nothing. By watching funny videos, cute photographs and the photographs of your friends enjoying at various exotic locations you don’t grow intelligent. You grow intelligent by reading books. Monitor your time and just see how much time you are wasting on various social networking websites. Stop this activity outright. You will be amazed how much time you have at your hand. The same goes for watching TV. There is a reason why it is called the “idiot box”.