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How to reduce your heating bills in winter

Reduce heating bills in winter

If you believe in the predictions of the weatherman, we are in for quite a harsh winter this time and this is going to wreck havoc with your heating bills. If the current spate of snowfalls in the various parts of America and elsewhere is an indication, your heating bills this winter are going to make a big dent into your budget, and maybe also, your savings.

We are moving towards extreme weather conditions as the menace of global warming (we ourselves are responsible, aren’t we?) approaches us with great alacrity. Global warming doesn’t just mean severe heat, it basically means severe weather conditions whether it is winter or summer. So there is going to be lots of cold during winter and lots of heat during summer. Is it just the weather that is to be blamed for higher heating or cooling bills? Certainly not. Increasing fuel prices are also responsible that consequently raised the power consumption bills.

But you can certainly reduce your heating bills by using some precautions and innovative techniques. In the USA, there are also some government schemes that reimburse you full for a considerable percentage if you go for energy efficient heating systems and furnaces. Immediately contact your nearest energy efficiency office regarding this.

Listed below are some ways you can reduce your heating bills in winter

Use energy efficient heating systems to bring down your heating bills in winter

Energy efficient products can bring your heating bills as down as by 15-20%. Most of the Energy-Star qualified gas, oil or profane furnaces not only bring down your heating bills, they also make you eligible for government aid (according to the available information, government aid is available in the USA, and if you are somewhere else and such help is available, kindly let us know and we will mention it here, along with your name and Twitter handle).

Insulate your house properly

Proper insulation can reduce your energy wastage by more than 20% and this can be a huge saving if you continuously have to use your heating systems. Such energy-saving audits are conducted free of cost by the US government. Conduct a formal investigation of all the places from where cold drafts can enter your house and make your heating appliances work harder.

Lower the heat of your thermostat

You aren’t going to notice the difference if you bring down the heat of your thermostat a few notches. You won’t notice it, but your heating bill will certainly notice it.

Insulate your water pipes

When the hot water travels in your pipes, especially when outside, or from the roof, lots of heat goes waste due to the external chill. Due to this loss of heat you often have to increase the power of your heater, consequently increasing your heating and energy bills. You can eliminate this loss by insulating your water pipes and covering them with pipe sleeves. These don’t cost you much and they can help you reduce your heating bills in winter to a great extent.

Cover your floor with heavy mattresses and old blankets

Cold concrete or wooden floor may unnecessarily increase your heating needs. Spreading a mattress, or even old blankets on the floor will help you preserve heat and hence reduce your heating bills.

Wear some warm clothes

Some people needlessly increase their thermostat and then roam around the house either seminaked in their undergarments. Some of them even sweat. This is sheer wastage. Wearing warm clothes such as sweaters, pullovers, woollen caps, and socks can keep you warm and help you bring down your heating bills.

What measures are you taking to reduce your heating bills this winter? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.