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How to remember everything

If you juggling with many hats in your business as well as personal life then remembering things becomes the first casualty. Most people quickly attribute this problem to lack of proper attention but this is not so. When you have to manage multiple tasks it becomes very difficult to remember individual things. Not remembering can wreck great havoc in your life so you need a system to remember things.

There is of course the traditional pen and paper way; you can simply jot down the list of things you want to do. But managing pen and paper is not as easy as using a software tool to manage tasks and remembered things. There are many tools available that you can use to keep track of things to remember. Some of these tools and applications commercial – you have to pay for them – and some of them are free. Free doesn’t mean that they are inferior, in fact some free tools are better than their commercial counterparts. This blog post discusses a few online and desktop tools that you can use to remember almost everything without ever forgetting.

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