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How to remove old Android devices from Google Play

If you regularly use gadgets then most probably you are already on your second or third-generation Android device (if you are not a big Apple fan). Than it can also be easily assumed that you frequently use Google Play to download your apps or manage your existing apps.

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When you use the Google apps Play store you need to add your existing device such as your tablet or your smartphone to your Google Play account. In fact you do not have to manually go there and add your device, as soon as you log onto your Google Play account (using your registered email ID) from your new tablet or smartphone the devices automatically added to your account. After doing this if, preferably from your computer, you go to your Google Play account you see the device under your account.

After logging into your Google Play account you need to click the gear-shaped “Settings” icon that appears on the right-hand side near the top. In the subsequent drop down menu click “Settings”.

It immediately shows you a tabular list of all the devices attached to your Google Play account. In the “Visibility” column you can see there is a checkbox for making individual devices visible and invisible.

There is no particular method of “deleting” the devices permanently, but by checking and unchecking the check boxes you can decide which device shows up in your management dashboard and which does not. Using this very same interface you can also change the names of the devices because sometimes Google Play cannot figure out the real name of your device. Simply click the “Edit” button on extreme right in order to rename your device. This will be helpful if you are using multiple Android devices simultaneously with your account and you need to selectively install and uninstall applications.