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How To Save Money On Latest Gadgets

You can save money on latest gadgets by…postponing their purchase and waiting for a rate drop (just see how the iPhone rates have come down). There is no sense buying something that has recently been released into the market because new gadgets are prone to having many snags and shortcomings. Of course you can buy it, and you should buy it, if spending that much money is not a problem with you. But if money matters to you, never buy a new gadget impulsively or just because you want to look cool among your friends — it’s your attitude and outlook towards life that make you cool not the things you possess. Anyway, I’ll stop with the preaching.

I myself have burned my hands at this. Many a time I’ve purchased new things just to realize afterwards that I didn’t really need them and the craving was there just because I hadn’t had them. Read this insightful article at WSJ: When to Hold Off on Latest Gadget.