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How to save more water

We are rapidly running short of water and if we don’t take appropriate measures to save more water we will soon have no  water even to drink. If you think that it is only the government agencies and organizations working in the field of environmental conservation should worry about saving water then you are making a big mistake.  Resources like water can never be saved unless there is a mass effort. After all, when billions of people are using water almost all the time it doesn’t simply become the responsibility of a few individuals and governments to preserve it.  By taking small steps you can save lots of water. Here are a few:

  • Don’t keep your faucets and taps running when you don’t need water.  A good example is while brushing your teeth or shaving.  You can easily fill a container and use that water instead of  using running water.
  • Install ultra-low or high-efficiency toilets that can help you save hundreds of gallons of water per month.
    Repair leaky pipes and faucet.
  • Water your plants efficiently and take care that when you water your plants the water is not going into the drain. You can get efficient sprinklers that will use as much water as needed by your plants.   You can also install coverings that reduce evaporation.
  • Take lesser showers. Showering wastes lots of water.  Instead while having a bath use a bucket or tub.
  • Use your dishwashers and clothes washing machines when they can be operated at their fullest capacity so that the water being used is not wasted.
  • Irrigate your plants at short, interrupted intervals so that the soil gets sufficient time to soak water.
  • Use community swimming pools instead of having your own.