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How to save your job and secure your career

Wondering how to save your job and secure your career when millions of jobs the world over being lost both right and left? Unless the entire company is collapsing, it’s only the less wanted or dispensable employees who are first asked to leave. The organization can do without them. Here are a few things you can do to save your job and secure your career:

  • Be an asset to your company: If till now you haven’t been paying much attention to your job this is the time to take it seriously. Spend more time in your office and take up extra jobs. Take initiatives to solve people’s problems and show to your bosses that losing you would be a big loss to them.
  • Learn and upgrade your skills: Don’t let yourself stagnate by getting into a comfort zone. Hiring and firing employees is always an expensive affair so give your company an opportunity to put you to another use instead of firing you in case your department is being wound up. Knowing multiple skills is the best way of securing your job.
  • Work on your PR: If you are some guy nobody even notices coming and leaving, then nobody will notice if you’re laid off. Improve your people skills in a genuine manner. Develop friendships, help people when they really need help, and especially be nice to your bosses. Feel like an important part of the organization.
  • Wear a positive attitude: Have a positive attitude about yourself and people around you. Make people feel good in your company especially in these tough times. Instill confidence in them.
  • Keep your resume updated and in circulation: jobs are always there; companies and organisations always need people because no matter how bad the economy is there are some businesses that always do well and need professional people to run the business.  Never totally depend on your current organisation — when the time comes to laying you off they won’t to give it a second thought.
  • Be a part of a community: A community always helps its members. if there is no community you can join, a leader and create your own community either offline or online.