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How to save your mobile phone if you drop it in water or spill water on it

Mobile phones are ubiquitous these days and so has water been, for ever. Sooner or later you’re either going to spill water on your mobile phone or you are going to drop your mobile phone in water. Whatever happens, it’s not good news. You may lose the use of your phone forever, or you may not, depending upon what you do, and how your phone reacts.

Mobile phone dropped in water

Your mobile phone should turn itself off as soon as water enters it. If it does not, immediately switch it off completely. Don’t try to switch on the phone while it is dripping or even when it is moderately wet. Then remove the cover and take out the battery, the SD card if any, and the SIM card, if any. It may help if you can also remove the skins, covers or faceplates if you have them on your phone.

Try to remove as much water from your mobile phone as possible without causing further trauma to it. Sometimes if the water doesn’t cause short-circuit, people end up destroying their phones by scrubbing them forcefully. Lightly press your towel against the exposed parts of the phone so that it can absorb as much water as physically possible. Place your phone in such a manner that maximum amount of water can flow out of it.

Leave your mobile phone in that position for a day or two. You can also place your phone in front of the air conditioner running in dry mode (this mode takes the moisture out of your room and throws it outside). If you have a dehumidifier, switch it on and place the phone there so that it dries up quickly. If nothing is available, you can at least switch on the fan. But don’t use something like a hairdryer because this may cause further damage. Nonetheless, give your phone a couple of days so that it is completely dry from the inside.

Once you feel that there should be no water inside, put on the batteries and everything else that you had taken out and put the cover back. Then switch on your phone. If there was no permanent damage, it should start working.