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How to search every Tweet since the beginning of time with Topsy

Topsy is a Twitter search engine that claims to have indexed every single tweet since the beginning of Twitter. As per the beginning of September (2013) there are over 540 billion tweets. According to Jamie De Guerre, SVP Product / Marketing at Topsy:

With more than 450 million tweets being sent every day, indexing Twitter all the way back to 2006 is a huge undertaking. In fact, Topsy now houses more items in our indices than Microsoft Bing.

Co-founder and Topsy CTO Vipul Prakash further adds:

We started Topsy to give our users a tool for capturing actionable segments of public conversation … by adding a full historical index, now we can even look even further back to the very first Tweets 7 years ago. We have all of Twitter indexed, meaning our users have access to the best, most accurate view of the world’s social conversation on the planet.

Just like any advanced search engine, Topsy comes with its own set of operators and search patterns.

Topsy Search parameters

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