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How to select the perfect CMS for your website

A CMS stands for content management system. Up till now a CMS was used primarily to publish content on the Internet, like online newspaper, magazines and article directories. WordPress began as a blogging tool but after a few years many web publishers started using it as a content management system, as you can manage a normal website too with WordPress and use its features to manage regular, non-blog content. Aside from WordPress, the other popular content management systems are Joomla, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, and Radian CMS.

So how do you select the perfect CMS for your website? It depends on what you want to achieve. For most, WordPress can be a perfect content management system because it’s the simplest, and perhaps the most powerful CMS. But there might be some problem if you have multiple authors working on the same piece and you need to save multiple revisions/versions. Joomla has great features and in fact it has so many features that they may overwhelm you, and besides, it has an intricate article management system, but nonetheless, it’s the perfect solution for many content publishers.

Before selecting the perfect CMS for you you should properly evaluate your requirement. Do you need something light or heavy? Do you want something simple and straightforward or you are comfortable wading through complicated navigation hierarchies? How important is design and layout customization to you? And what about the SEO aspect?

This blog post not only helps you choose the perfect content management system for your website, but also reviews the major CMSs available these days.