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How to self motivate yourself

How to self motivate

Do you want to self motivate yourself? When you’re feeling totally demotivated and sometimes down in the dumps it may seem like an impossible feat to achieve but actually it is not very hard to self motivate yourself once you have decided to take this positive step.

You need to self motivate yourself when you want to achieve something and you find yourself totally drained and uninterested. You know that what you want to do or have to do is extremely important (as important as paying your bills) but still somehow it feels like all spiritual energy has been drained out of you. You cannot take even a single step towards completing your work or spending another moment productively. Listed below are a few things you can do in order to self motivate yourself.

Realize and understand that life is what you make of it

It may seem sometimes that your life is controlled by the circumstances around you and you are no way in control. This is partly true. We cannot control the events around us but we can certainly control how we react and this is what differentiates success from failure. It’s not that highly motivated and successful people are always coming across favorable circumstances; not at all. They are simply in control of how they react. They decide what their life is going to be no matter what happens. This is the mindset that you have to develop for yourself in order to self motivate yourself.

Self motivate by deciding to motivate yourself

Now this is very important. Without a desire there is no action. Motivation is not going to just fall off the sky: you will have to take a decision in this direction. As long as you’re in a position to think and decide, decide in favor of motivating yourself. Tell yourself that you’re going to motivate yourself no matter how adverse the circumstances are and you going to find your way around because this is the only choice you have. The decision is very crucial. If you’re not even sure of motivating yourself you are never going to struggle for a solution and will always be waiting for some miracle to happen. Miracles do happen but they are very random.

Adopt a positive attitude no matter how silly it sounds

See your life in the positive sense. Everyday is the first day of the rest of your life so everyday is a new beginning. Believe that as long as you are alive your life is full of opportunities. People survived the Nazi concentration camps and if they could do that so can you. Sometimes the brighter side of life is just around the corner, we miss it by an inch. So what if you don’t have money? Isn’t it great that you’re not sick? Even if you are sick every breath is a blessing simply because you are still alive and as long as you’re alive you always got the fighting chance.

Self motivate yourself by setting achievable goals

You can self motivate yourself by setting smaller, achievable goals for yourself. Bigger goals may seem daunting and sometimes they demotivate almost everybody. The trick here is, dividing bigger goals into smaller achievable goals. Suppose you want to complete a novel within the next six months. This may seem like a gargantuan task and hence you may find yourself highly demoralized and demotivated. Instead, set smaller goals for yourself. Initially you can just keep a target of writing a couple of sentences or a paragraph. Then you can stretch yourself to 2 paragraphs. Gradually you can move on to full pages or even multiple pages. After a while you will be amazed to realise how easy it is to complete full chapters in a single day.

Similarly if you think that initially it will be impossible for you to run 2 miles, just focus on running for half a mile and stick to this distance for a couple of weeks. Then gradually stretch yourself and before you know you will be running for 2 miles very easily.

Do some voluntary work

Doing voluntary work is a great way of self motivating yourself. When you volunteer you’re working for others and not for yourself and this gives you a blissful satisfaction. There is no stress involved. You are simply helping other people and trying to make their lives easier. It takes your mind off your own problems and after that you come back to tackling your own problem with a fresh perspective. When you help others you also realize that everybody in this world has his or her own set of problems.

Start proactively caring for your family

I don’t mean to say that right now you don’t care for your family but sometimes we get too bogged down by our surrounding problems and our feeling of care for the family is put onto the back burner, unconsciously. Look at your kids; they totally depend on you. Look at your spouse; he or she has decided to spend his or her entire life with you. Look at your parents; did they raise you so that you could give up so easily? Do you really have the luxury to feel demotivated? You have to excel, if not for you, then for those who care for you and love you.

Self motivate yourself by rewarding you

Of course the question of self-motivation doesn’t just arise in case of overwhelming circumstances. You may need to self motivate yoursel when working on a particular project. Suppose you need to work on an essay and no matter how hard you try you cannot motivate yourself. For such instances decide to reward yourself if you can accomplish the task at hand. You can treat yourself to a movie, your favorite snack or dessert, or an outing with your friends.

We all constantly need to self motivate ourselves and it is a normal phenomena. If you feel that you need to self motivate yourself it doesn’t mean you are going into a depression or something is lacking in you. Lack of motivation is a common occurrence. You just need to be aware of it and be eager to deal with it.