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How to sell your old phone while upgrading to a new one

Planning to purchase a new phone? With a plethora of phones available from Samsung and HTC, and for that matter even Apple with its latest iPhone 5 launch you must be pretty excited to get hold of one of these gems. But what of your old phone? What are you going to do with it?

Many people give their old phones to their parents or their kids, but if you plan to sell them here is a nice video that explains exactly how to do it:

The first thing you need to do before selling your phone is, delete all your private data. Especially remove your data that stores your passwords, user IDs, sensitive images and text messages. You may also like to remove your Google, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts from your phone. Additionally, if you have been doing banking from your phone, you should make sure to remove that application. In fact, it is better that you format your SD card (if you are planning on selling it along with the phone) and do a factory reset on the phone.

Other than that, there are usual things you should take care of, such as make sure that your phone is not damaged and you have been using a scratchcard on the screen and it is in stock condition.