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How to SEO as a web designer

Since more and more websites depend on targeted traffic from search engines it is very important for you as a web designer to know how to design search engine optimized websites. In fact these days when a client contacts a web designer he or  she asks for an SEO website and not just simply a website.  But how do you SEO a website? It is not as difficult as it seems; you just need to put the right pieces at the right places. When search engine crawlers come to index your website they look for certain information at particular places and when the don’t find that information where they are looking for they draw their own conclusions and rank the page or website for the wrong keywords.

The SEO process of a website starts at the very beginning and this you should keep in mind when starting a new project. Include keywords in the page titles, keep your content as near to the top as possible, have a clearly defined navigation structure containing all your important keywords and key phrases, use headlines and bulleted lists to organize your main points, use appropriate anchor text for hyperlinks and keep your source code as clean as possible. Visit this link for more details.

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