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How to search engine optimize (SEO) your WordPress blog

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You need to search engine optimize (SEO) your WordPress blog if you want to get quality traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search. These days there’re lots of noises being raised about people getting too obsessed with SEO and neglecting the core issue — the content quality. Although the quality of your content is the most important factor when it comes to publishing a successful blog, this success depends a lot on how much traffic you can get from various major search engines, including social media search engines.

Here’s how you can maximize search engine traffic if you’re using WordPress to publish your blog.

Use a plug-in like All-in-one SEO pack

The All-in-one SEO pack is a great WordPress plugin that can immensely boost your search engine optimization effort. It’s not like magic happens all of a sudden the moment you install this plugin. Once you have it activated, you can enter your own page title, description and keywords instead of WordPress picking them up for you. So whatever zany blog post headline you might be having, you can enter an SEO-friendly title using this plugin.

Use a search engine friendly WordPress theme

There are many themes, the Thesis theme, for example, that allow you to create highly search engine optimized blog posts by arranging different bits of useful information in different sections. The basic idea is, have a light theme so that the search engine crawlers can quickly access and assess your core content.

Keep your WordPress theme light

More bells and whistles means you need more stuff like JavaScript libraries and very huge CSS files. This needlessly increases the load time of your blog and these days search engines like Google have begun to penalize websites that load slow and seem heavy.

Create theme based content

Theme based content too is a big part of search engine optimization. When you create theme based content you stick to your core keywords and key phrases and this fetches you higher rankings because the search engines think you specialize in that theme.

Use your keywords in your titles

Your blog post title is the first thing people see when your link appears on the search engine result pages. And since the search engine users tend to click more on links that carry the words they’ve just used to conduct the search, the search engines take the words appearing in your title very seriously.

Use search engine friendly URLs

In WordPress you can easily create search engine friendly URLs by going to the permalilnks section (under Settings) and changing your permalink settings. The search engines don’t normally prefer URLs that are dynamically generated, something like http://yourblog.com/index.php?p=56. A better way of having a URL is http://yourblog.com/blog-post-title.

Interlink whenever possible

Link to your other blog posts whenever possible because this way even the content that remains hidden from search engines and human visitors is highlighted and consequently they too get some SEO boost.

Do you know some tricks to search engine optimize WordPress blogs? Please do share them in the comments section.