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How to show multiple authors in a WordPress blog post

It might happen that multiple authors work on a single blog post, especially when you are collaborating with co-authors on a lengthy, research-based article. On various content management systems this facility is already there, but in WordPress, it is not inbuilt. For instance, you cannot assign multiple authors to a single blog post or a single page. You need a plug-in, and one of such plug-ins is Co-Authors. Once you can assign multiple authors to a single WordPress blog post, it is a matter of inserting a small code in your theme file to show the list of associated authors to the public.

Once you have installed the Co-Authors plug-in the usual “Post Author” section in your dashboard (when you create a new blog post or edit an existing one) is replaced by “Post Author(s)” – to enable you to add multiple authors:

WordPress multiple authors plug-in

The extra authors drop-down menus are prefilled with the existing contributors and authors so you need to simply select them. You can easily remove them by clicking the x button.

Now how to display these multiple authors in your WordPress blog post meta data information?

To achieve this you may have to dig into your theme files and alter the code that displays the author information. The simplest form of doing this is:


Once you have made these changes, you are all set to go.

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