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How to show/display a tag cloud on your WordPress blog

Want to know how to show or display a tag cloud on your WordPress blog? Tag clouds were introduced with WordPress 2.3 and ever since they have been a hit among successful and experienced bloggers.

What are WordPress tags?

Tags are just like categories, when you post a new blog post you associate multiple tags with your blog post so that it becomes easier to distinguish the blog post content from the remaining content on your blog. It is something like, if you publish a blog post, say, on Twitter, the tags that you can use are "Twitter", "social media", "social networking", "social media marketing", and such. Your WordPress tags are also used by various blog search engines and blog directories to showcase your content under appropriate categories and tags.

So what is a WordPress tag cloud?

A WordPress tag cloud is a representation of all the existing tags that you have associated with previous blog posts. All the tags appear as a group and the tags containing more posts appear bigger and bolder compared to those containing less posts.  A typical WordPress tag looks like this:


You can see that the tags that contain more blog posts appear bigger and highlighted.

So how do you display such a tag cloud on your WordPress blog? WordPress has made it extremely easy. Wherever you want your WordPress tag cloud to appear simply use this WordPress line of code:

<?php wp_tag_cloud(‘smallest=8&largest=20&’); ?>

The numbers 8 and 20 mean that the smallest size of a tag should be 8pt and the biggest size should be 20pt.