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How to sleep better

A good sleep can keep you healthy throughout your life and energized throughout your day.  During sleep your body builds up all the worn out cells and tissues and it also sorts out all the things that you have learned recently.  All your intellectual maintenance work happens when you are sleeping, therefore having a good night’s sleep is as important as having healthy meals.

Disturbed sleep, sleeplessness and insomnia can take place due to many reasons and for most of the reasons you don’t need to resort to medicines and other sorts of medical help.

If you don’t have a routine then it is really important that you develop one for yourself. Once your body gets into the habit of falling asleep at a particular time, you will start getting a good sleep everyday. Also, keep your bedroom just for sleeping, and sex, and remove all other distractions like television, radio, music system and even your PC. A hungry stomach can disrupt your sleep and so can an extremely stuffed stomach. This Reader’s Digest link tells you some more tips on how to sleep better and remain healthy.

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