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How to speak with confidence

If you want to succeed in life you must know how to speak with confidence. Speaking is an activity human civilization has been indulging in ever since they started making sense of various sounds, but still there are very few people who really know how to make an impact with their speech. This is rarely an inbuilt art, there are various factors that make you into a confident speaker.

When you speak with confidence people listen to you, they pay attention to your every word, and they are more eager to do whatever you want them to do. Take for instance politicians and actors; they have perfected the art of speaking with confidence and conviction and articulate their thoughts clearly so that they hit where it matters the most.

Speaking with confidence is not only necessary in your professional life, it is required in all spheres of life. Whether you seek love, or respect, it matters how you speak. With practice you can perfect this art and you must try to do the following in order to be able to speak with confidence:

Believe in what you are saying

When you believe in what you are saying you say it with great energy and clarity. You don’t fumble with words and you don’t speak slowly just because you’re not sure of what you are saying. When you believe in your thoughts you don’t care what others think of you. Most of us cannot speak with confidence because we are constantly worried about others’ reaction.

Speak slowly

Speaking slowly doesn’t mean that you drawl and make a fool of yourself; it means speaking in your natural speed. Don’t be in a hurry to complete your sentences. Every word is important so you must put proper emphasis on it. Make sure that you are saying each and every individual word clearly. You can learn from the newsreaders: you can often understand each and every word of what they are saying.

Take your time before responding

When you are speaking in a group, for instance, in a party or a discussion group, take your time before you respond. Pause for a few seconds, clearly decide whether you want to agree or disagree, and your reason for it. Don’t worry to make an impression because the more you worry about it the greater are the chances that you may say something that you shouldn’t have said. When you think before saying, it gives an impression that you render due importance to the ongoing topic.

Feel relaxed

You seem more confident when you are relaxed. Feeling relaxed is not as difficult as it may seem initially. Just believe that you are relaxed and spread this feeling of relaxation throughout your body. Tell yourself that you’re not going to feel tense, no matter what happens. Send waves of good thoughts to your arms, legs and neck. You will be amazed to see that this actually works.

Like the people around you

When you like the people around you are not worried about their reaction. Try to make everybody feel positive about them. Approach people with an attitude of positivity. Don’t patronize and be real in your thoughts.

Pay attention to what they are saying

By paying full attention to what they are saying you stop worrying about your own confidence level and you truly become interested in the subject. Besides when you pay attention you understand what is being communicated properly and you can respond accordingly. People find you more approachable when you take interest in what they have to say.

Build your vocabulary

You can speak with confidence if you can use proper words to convey proper thoughts. Building a vocabulary certainly doesn’t mean people have to run and grab a dictionary the moment you approach them; it’s just that when you know your words, you can focus your thoughts on your message, rather than what words to use to articulate it.

Wear comfortable clothes

Don’t wear clothes to make a statement, wear them to keep yourself comfortable. Mahatma Gandhi didn’t need to wear an Armani suit to become a world figure: he simply wore a loin cloth and shattered an empire.

If you want to speak with confidence stop worrying too much about it. Just be sincere with yourself and with people around you. Speaking with confidence doesn’t require a booming voice or a domineering figure, it just requires sincerity.