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How to start your business while working on a full-time, 9-5 job

Having a full-time job doesn’t mean that you cannot have your own business. There are many entrepreneurs who started their enterprises on the side of their 9-5 job and achieved great success despite all the constraints. In fact, starting a new business while holding onto your current job is much safer compared to totally burning your ships before entering the uncharted island.

You will definitely need to strike a balance between your job and your business. The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to do. If there is clarity, there is resolve and discipline. If you want to start a new business just for the heck of it, you won’t be able to do much and may end up wasting lots of money and effort. So let us assume you have already spent ample amount of time deciding what to do in order to start a profitable business.

Why do people start their own business despite having a 9-5 job?

Strong desire to unshackle yourself from the chains of slavery? This is sort of extreme, but everybody wants to be his or her own boss. Just imagine, you work so hard on your job and then you make money for your employer. Why not work equally hard on your own business, be independent, decide your own hours and make a lot more money? Besides, whenever you do a job, a sort of uncertainty is always hanging over your neck no matter how important your company makes you feel right now. When you have your own business nobody can throw you out of your job. There is always job guarantee. How much you earn depends on your effort rather than on the HR department.

Why some people don’t want to start their own business once they have a job?

To be frank, running a business is not for the weak-hearted. Despite having overwhelming advantages, it comes with its own set of risks. When you have a job, there is some security although it is more of a psychological security rather than a practical security. You know by the end of the month how much you will be getting paid. You don’t have to worry about what work to do because the work is always assigned to you by your superiors. Your responsibilities are strictly defined.

When you start your own business you have to do practically everything on your own. You are your own boss, you are your own systems administrator, you are your own web designer (sometimes) and you are your own content writer (sometimes). Until your business has grown, you have to take care of procuring raw materials, taking care of production and then shipping the items at the same time. Some people cannot work on their own and this is where they begin to fail. If you want to run your own business, you got to be self driven and responsible for your own actions, for your own successes, and for your own failures.

This blog post explains how to manage your own business while working full-time job.