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How to stay happy in tough times

Are you wondering how to stay happy in tough times and does it sound contradictory in your present situation?  The problem with the concept of being happy is, as we understand it, that it is considered as a luxury, and many religions consider being happy even a sin. Happiness is actually a state of mind.  When you are happy you feel light, agile, flexible, mentally alert and physically healthy.  So it is all the more reason to stay happy in tough times so that you are in a better position to take control of the situation.  You need all your senses working in the full force in order to see through tough times. Here are a few things you can do to stay happy in tough times:

  • Remain focused on the bigger goals: as long as nobody in your family is physically being harmed, financial difficulties are always transitory. Don’t worry about things that you cannot buy now as long as they are not absolutely necessary. No matter how expensive a vehicle you desire to purchase and no matter how trendy a gadget that has suddenly grown out of reach, every desire fades off after a few weeks or a few months.  Financial tough times normally don’t last beyond a few years and you are certainly capable of taking care of yourself and your family till that time. It is also advisable to develop a lifestyle that is healthier, more fulfilling, and doesn’t cost much. Stay happy in tough times by concentrating on the bigger picture rather than the immediate difficulties.
  • Remain optimistic: even if you are too cynical and dejected to feel or remain optimistic just try a couple of times and see the practical difference. When you feel optimistic you are in a better position to think clearly and take better decisions, both for you and your family. When you’re optimistic you also keep people around you motivated, driven and energized.  Just imagine, if people could survive the dark ages, this is nothing compared to that.
  • Keep yourself entertained without spending much: entertainment and fun doesn’t always mean visiting expensive restaurants and pubs.  A family picnic to the nearby wilderness can be more enthralling. You can have a great time with your kids, with your pet and with your spouse. Even if you don’t have your own family or your own pet get involved with neighbors, friends and relatives.  The point is, never live an isolated existence.
  • Develop a passion: obviously not for money.  People who have a passion, for instance, learning music, painting, writing, sculpting, teaching, dancing, etc. somehow are never bogged down by economic tough times.
  • Get involved with community or a support group: helping others always brings happiness.  Get involved with your local community and you will notice a miraculous change in the way you do your own work.  Your drive to do better in life intensifies as you help more and more people around you. It also gives you an opportunity to expand your circle of influence and know more people in the process and this may generate more opportunities for you both in the short-term and long-term.
  • Show faith in your family: the families that enjoy a stronger bonding find it easier to survive through any tough time.  Talk to your kids about the present situation and motivate them to work with the family in their own ways.  Make your spouse an equal partner when you are making your plans. Work as a unit and you will never feel alone and dejected.