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How to stop bad breath

Want to know how to stop bad breath? The best thing to do is keep your mouth clean because it is from your mouth from where bad breath originates. Many people think that bad breath is usually the result of indigestion; indigestion does play a part in giving you a bad breath but mostly it is an unhygienic mouth and the congested nose that give bad breath and if you want to stop bad breath you need to take care of your mouth as well as your nose. Start with cleaning your tongue and flossing your teeth regularly. This can tackle 80% of your bad breath. If your gums are suffering from a disease you should get them treated as soon as possible. Visiting a dentist can be torturous experience but it is all worth it if it stops your bad breath. Also clean your nose regularly, especially after the cold because nasal congestion can give rise to some really bad breath. Here is a small article that tells you how to stop bad breath.

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