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How to switch back to Firefox 2 from Firefox 3

Note: Please refer further to Delvin’s suggestions in the comment section. He seems pretty upset due to some reason but he has made good points.

Are you missing your good old Firefox 2? Despite almost the entire Internet community going gaga over the recent release of Firefox 3 the latest version has its quirks that make it unsuitable for full-time use. The reason might be anything but if you want to switch back to Firefox 2 from Firefox 3 you can do it two ways:

Restore your system if you’re using Windows XP (or any system that allows you to restore to a previous state) or completely uninstall Firefox 3 and then reinstall Firefox 2.

Windows XP has this feature of restoring your entire system to a previous date. So if you can remember on which date you installed Firefox 3 you can restore your system to that date or to some previous date that will give you a system according to the state it was on the day you installed Firefox 3. It is very easy to do.

Click Start and then Program, and then Accessories and then System Tools and then System Restore

This will give you an option of selecting to what dates you can restore your system. You won’t be losing the recently created documents and data although you may lose some settings and the programs that installed before installing Firefox 3.

The safer method is completely uninstalling Firefox 3 and then installing Firefox 2. You can uninstall Firefox 3 by going to the Control Panel and then going to Add Remove Programs. From the list of various programs installed on your system uninstall Firefox 3. It will ask you whether you want to delete your private Firefox data; preserve your data.

After uninstalling Firefox 3 you can go to http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/releases/ and download the version of Firefox previous to Firefox 3 and install it. You will have everything working the same as you had before installing Firefox 3.

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4 thoughts on “How to switch back to Firefox 2 from Firefox 3

  1. delvin varghese

    This is not a guide at all. This is what people do in their sleep. Maybe you are onme of the very few people who would install only one or two software in a year. Because if you install any software after Mozilla Firefox and you restore your system to a dat prior to the installation of firefox 3, all software installed after that will vanish. So the only way is to go to your “C:\program files\Mozilla firefox” folder and copy all the addons (with the extension *.xpi”, export your bookmarks (using Bookmarks>>Organise Bookmarks>>Import and Backup>>Export Html). Then, uninstall Firefox 3 from control panel, install Firefox, Import the bookmarks with the same steps as above, install the addons from where you copied them. If it werent for the fact that i was writing a comment to an ill written blog, i would have written in much more detail.

  2. Goo

    I found this info very useful. Thank you. I actually don’t install very much software at all so this was perfect for me. Thanks so much :) .

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