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How to tackle your worries

You really need to tackle your worries before they bog you down and begin to have a negative effect on your health and performance. We all have worries and they are an integral part of our lives. Do you think happier and successful people don’t have worries, or they have less things to worry about? Of course there are big disparities between someone living in a Sudanese village and someone living in Los Angeles, but on less unequal grounds, we all have to tackle worries about how to arrange for the next mortgage, how to pay the kids school or college fee or how to make our jobs or business more sustainable. These are serious worries and they can take their toll if not handled properly.

There are two ways people tackle their worries: confront them headlong, or ignore them and sweep them under the carpet. Ignoring the worries works for those who are highly irresponsible and don’t care much about their surroundings and the loved ones.

If you are not in a position to confront your worries headlong, make an appointment with them, as suggested in this article? What does this mean? It mean controlling the worries instead of letting them control you. Set aside a time, a sort of an appointment, when you are going to think about these worries and if possible, sort them out. For instance, if you’ve decided that you are going to think about your worries at 6 in the evening, don’t let them come near you before that. A good idea.

How do you tackle your worries?