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How to take a nap and be more creative

Taking a short nap can really boost your creativity if you are feeling stuck with an idea or a problem. Many people use this technique to quickly sort out their brain and process complex thoughts. In fact many scientists, mathematicians and writers take quick naps to rejuvenate their creative senses. Many solutions to our problems exist at the subconscious level of our minds and they cannot be accessed when we are awake and processing many senses. When we go to sleep our other senses shutdown and our brain can completely focus on the problem at hand. Many mathematicians keep a notepad and a pen nearby because many of their solutions occur to them when they are taking a nap.

Taking a short nap is as easy as finding a quiet place, and dozing off. If you are not comfortable napping while sitting you can find a place where you can lie down undisturbed for a few minutes, preferably 20 minutes. The key is sleeping but not losing complete consciousness. Even though your sleeping you are, in a dazed manner, aware of your surroundings but are not disturbed by them. Read on this link how to take a quick nap and become more creative and focused.

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