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How to turn mental toughness into a habit

Becoming physically tough is easier but when it comes to being mentally tough it is altogether a different ballgame. Mental toughness eludes not just athletes and players but also entrepreneurs, scholars and artists. Mental toughness is required whenever you need to persevere against the odds. It is the most important ingredient for being successful in your life.

Mental toughness

What does it take to be mentally tough? And what exactly does it mean? Does it mean being ruthless? Does it mean able to watch the most horrible things without flinching? Does it mean being brave beyond human limits? Not necessarily. Mental toughness means doing what needs to be done and doing it no matter what it takes. It means remaining focused. It means being able to distinguish right from wrong and vice versa. Listed below are a few habits that can help you grow your mental toughness.

Stop finding excuses for your failures

Mentally tough people avoid finding excuses for their failures because when you find excuses you blame other things, events or people for things you cannot do. When you blame the others, you empower them to control your destiny and people with mental toughness avoid this mentality like the plague. By the end of the day what you achieved and what you do not achieve is in your on hand. Fine, there can be external influences but this is how life is. If it throws you on the ground you get up, dust off your clothes and go on doing your stuff rather than lying there crying and pointing an accusing finger at your life. When you hold yourself responsible you know that just as your failure is because of you, so is your success. Everything is in your own hand.

Don’t depend on positive endorsement from others

Pursue your goals irrespective of how the others react to your activities. Keep in mind that you are not striving to make other people happy, you are striving to succeed in your life and while doing so you may end up pissing off many people. But do not worry, every driven person has to go through it. When you let yourself get bothered by what others say about you, rather than focusing on your goals, you start focusing on other people’s behavior. This can set your energy and distract you. Positive endorsement is good, but you will get plenty of them once you have reached your goal.

Accept change and keep an open mind

It may seem clichéd, but the only thing constant is change. The world around you is constantly changing. The people around you, and their outlook, and their behavior, and even their circumstances, are constantly changing. This is something beyond your periphery of influence, so deal with it and change yourself accordingly. Things may not turn up exactly the way you had envisaged but this is how it is.

Recognize importance of both physical and mental health

Your physical and mental health are both an integral part of your body and it’s your body and mind that need to strive in order to succeed. So that they both should be healthy and capable of taking on hardships. For players and athletes physical health is taken care of, usually, by default. It’s the people who need to engage in lots of sedentary activity who end up ignoring their physical health. You can never be too busy to do some exercise or jogging.

Just go on doing

As long as your value system is intact don’t waste lots of time on the pros and cons of what you’re doing. Divide bigger tasks into smaller ones and just get done with them. Don’t procrastinate and don’t run away from completing those tasks. The biggest sign of procrastination is constantly thinking of whether you should do a particular thing or not, and then finding a list of reasons eventually for not doing it.

Mental toughness has got a lot to do with your attitude and outlook. It is about perseverance, an ability to persistently act outside of your comfort zone and doing whatever it takes for you to succeed.