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How to turn off Facebook notifications from selected updates

This can be a bit annoying. You “Like” a particular Facebook post or leave a comment on your friend’s update and there you have it – if scores of people are leaving comments on that particular update, you are receiving all the notifications. Suppose you were just interested in leaving your message and you don’t want to receive further notifications from that particular update? How to stop them?

It is quite easy, provided you know how to do. Just go to your Facebook page and click the usual globe icon where your notifications appear:

Facebook notifications

When you are in the notifications drop-down list, when you hover your cursor over a particular notification coming from an update, on the right-hand side you can see a cross sign. This sign allows you to turn off the notifications from that particular update.

Turn off Facebook notifications

When you click the cross sign, it further presents you with two buttons that allow you to either “Turn off” or “Keep on” notifications for that update.

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