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How to upload your files using FTP

FTP stands far file transfer protocol. You can use FTP to upload files to a server where you have an FTP account. You can also upload files as an anonymous FTP user but it depends on whether the FTP server allows you to do that or not. In order to upload your files using FTP you primarily need three things:

  • The FTP server address
  • Username
  • Password

Of course you also need an FTP client; and FTP client is nothing but a program that enables you to upload files to a remote server using FTP connection. It’s like sometimes you need a program to read your e-mail or for wordprocessing.

The FTP server address is given by the host company or the person who manages the server. He or she can create an FTP account for you and then give you the needed information. When you decide to host your own domain under commercial server when you create your domain account you automatically get an FTP server address. Most likely your FTP server address would be yourdomain.com. If it is not your domain then the people running the website will either generate an FTP server address for your account or you will need to have them create it for you.

You can use any of the freely available FTP clients. FileZilla comes highly recommended. In case you are using Firefox you also get a plug-in called FireFTP that lets you upload files through an FTP connection. After you have downloaded and installed the FTP client you need to create a new account. When you create an account you will attach a name to that account; enter the FTP server address; enter the username and then the password. When you connect you either go to your user directory where you are supposed to upload your files or you go to the main directory and then from their you go to the directory assigned for your files.

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